cabanird (cabanird) wrote in astoriacrafty,

ACK November 18, 2010 at 8pm

Hello Everyone!!

I hope everyone is well. Please join us tomorrow, November 18, 2010 at 8pm at Igloo for another night of ACK. Please let me know by 5:30pm on Thursday if you will be joining us, that way I can assure enough seating.

So, bring your latest unfinished project, unfinished holiday gift, or gift for yourself, and let's get working on our projects! Not only is it a good time to get your holiday gifts done, it's also a good time to finish most or all of the project you've had sitting around all year, and vowed to get done. Getting together with other knitters and crocheters is a big motivation, and everyone is willing to help each other out.

And of course! The week after Thanksgiving means-- THE SMILEYS MANHATTAN YARN SALE RIOT EXTRAVAGANZA! (it's the annual Smileys Hotel Yarn Sale). The sale begins on November 30, ends on Saturday Dec 4. It is going to be held at the Holiday Inn at 57th Street betw 9th and 10th Ave. Every year, I try to get a couple of other ACK members to join me in the yarn shopping. I honestly feel that you need to go with someone--- you need someone to help you choose which yarns you are going to buy, which ones you should leave behind, and which ones you should indulge in....;) This yarn sale is actually very good, as they tend to have big bags of yarn at a very affordable price, along with yarns that are new and unique.

I was thinking about "cancelling" ACK on Thurs Dec 2, and just meeting up at the Smileys Yarn sale, and possibly, grabbing some food after our yarn purchases. But we can talk about this tomorrow.

If I do not see you tomorrow, I hope that you have a happy, and safe Thanksgiving!

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