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Astoria Crafty Knitty Group

ACK Blog

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astoria crafty knitty group gathers together every week to work on crafty projects
Astoria Crafty Knitty group (ACK) has been meeting since November 2004 at Freeze Peach Cafe (http://www.freezepeach.org / http://www.myspace.com/freezepeach ) the group was started by Jayme, a regular cafe-goer at the Freeze Peach. because of my dedication to the group, Jayme gave me the responsibility of 'running' the group in 2005. lately, i've been coming up with different ideas, and thought a blog might be a good way to bring the community together 'online' and in real life. and maybe, we might even bring in new members to the group, which would be great! :)

the group will now be meeting at Igloo Cafe on 31st Street between Ditmars Blvd and 23rd Ave underneath the N/W train at Ditmars Blvd in Astoria, NY

we are an open group. feel free to drop by whenever you can. all that we ask is that you purchase something from the venue.

our group tends to mostly be 'fiber artists' that is we either knit or crochet with yarns. some of us are even getting into spinning our own yarn. but other kinds of crafts are more than welcomed in the group! every so often, we will get together to do other kinds of crafts, such as making your own Holiday cards or Valentines, and soon we will be gathering together outside the Freeze Peach Cafe to craft together, and attend different events, so keep checking back on this blog for more events!

are you new to crocheting or knitting? we can help! i am an avid crocheter, and an intermediate knitter and i can show you the basics. for FREE. bring your own yarn, and appropriate needles or hook for the yarn. and PLEASE be sure to purchase something from the cafe is all i ask. and that you come back to show us your progress. :) many of us in the group are at different experience levels and someone is bound to help you out if you have a question-- that's the beauty of this group,

we all have something to contribute and love to help eachother out!

i want this to be an open online community. i just kinda hold the group together, but this group is just as much yours as it is mine-- if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or new ideas or activities you wanted to try out, please let me know! post it up here in the community, send me a message, or let me know at ACK. :)

i am moderating this community, and you can also check out my personal journal here cabanird